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The following default rates, terms and conditions apply to shared hosting for WordPress and Bootstrap web sites, and may be modified on a case-by-case basis depending on project requirements. Request a quote for installation, configuration and management of dedicated web/database server infrastructure solutions.

Item Included Rate
WordPress website Regular WordPress core and plugin updates.
Daily website and data backups.
Charged annually.
Bootstrap website Weekly backups.
Charged annually.
Hosting account setup Web server configuration.
Database configuration.
Backup configuration.
Charged per event.
Domain, SSL, subscription (eg. plugin, theme), integration (eg. social media) management Setup, create, change, update, renew, etc.
Charged per event.
  • All prices GST exclusive.
  • WordPress websites and plugins are updated in a timely manner as updates are released.
  • WordPress websites and data are backed up to private Git repositories on a daily basis.
  • All website files and data are backed up to offsite storage on a weekly basis.
  • Full snapshots are taken of web servers on a weekly basis.
  • There are no user or shell accounts of any kind available on web servers.
  • Email hosting is not provided, but we are happy to set you up with Google GSuite.
  • A “WordPress website” is a website based on the WordPress CMS and a MySQL/MariaDB database.
  • A “Bootstrap website” is a static HTML website based on the Bootstrap framework. It may use some PHP code to perform tasks such as sending email.
  • All cloud infrastructure solutions (web and database servers) built on latest versions of RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS Enterprise Linux.