eLearning resources

TAFE course materials

Course materials for most Information Technology units I deliver at TAFE are available here:


A username and password are required to access these materials. This is primarily to keep bots, spiders and other snoopware out. No student data whatsoever is stored on this site.

Moodle development

This site is used for development of Moodle functionality, themes and content and runs the latest version of Moodle straight out of Git:



VETLab is an open source automation tool developed by yours truly which assists in the creation and management of student IT labs in vocational education and training (VET) environments. In Australia, this primarily means TAFE colleges and secondary schools. Based on Ansible and CentOS 7, VETLab supports heterogenous networks including Linux, Windows,  VMWare and FreeBSD operating systems, whether physical/virtualised or local/remote/cloud-based.

VETLab is in active development and evolving rapidly. Code will be made available when the project has stabilised. It is currently being used to automate daily lab operations on a number of VMware ESXi hypervisors, a KVM hypervisor and in the Digital Ocean cloud, for example to start up, shut down and configure groups of virtual machines, and to install a range of server types.

Some basic documentation is being collected on this website, based on blog postings etc. See the VETLab Documentation page.