Thai language learning resources

A curated list of useful Thai language learning resources on the internet.

Alif Silpachai’s Tai languages blog: Alif Silpachai is an expert on Tai languages and has done all sorts of interesting comparative work on Thai, Lao, Northern Thai, Tai Lue, Tai Dam and Shan.

Alif Silpachai’s YouTube channel: A mix of useful information on Tai languages. Alif usually goes a bit deeper and/or finds more interesting perspectives than the average Thai language school YouTube video. This resource has been 15 years in the making and contains thousands of dictionary entries, sample clauses, audio clips, images and forums.

A woman learning Thai … and some men too: Useful collection of resources covering texts, grammars, teachers, schools and free learning resources.

And some humble offerings of my own:

Thai Language Videos Facebook page: A page where I post links to Thai language videos. Topics include Thai food, language, history, culture, locations, environment and agriculture.