Kapittha Tree

According to the PTS Pali-English Dictionary, the Pali word kapiṭṭha (or kaviṭṭha) refers to the tree Feronia elephantum, better known today by the alternative scientific name of  Limonia acidissima. The tree is known by a variety of popular names including wood-apple, elephant-apple, monkey fruit, and curd fruit. A large tree growing to 9 metres, kapiṭṭha has a wide variety of culinary and practical uses.

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The City of Sagala

Sagala is an ancient name for the modern city of Sialkot in northern Punjab, Pakistan. In ancient times Sagala was the capital of the Indo-Greek King Menander during his reign from 160 to 135 BCE. Literary accounts suggest that Greek and local Indian populations in cities like Sagala lived in relative harmony, with some of the local residents adopting the responsibilities of Greek citizenship, while many Greeks converted to Buddhism and adopted local traditions.

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