Project-Based Learning

The concept of Project-Based Learning (PBL) has been around for a while now, but most schools and educational institutions still don’t implement anything remotely like it. In most cases it’s business as usual: just fill out the worksheets, practice for the test, and if you’re good you get to play on the iPads at the end. There is a better way …

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Advanced open source networking resources

gearsIt is no secret that computing resources are rapidly migrating from physical infrastructure to a combination of physical, virtual and cloud environments. A similar trend is also evident in the networking space, with network control logic shifting from proprietary hardware-based platforms to open source software-based platforms (SDN or Software Defined Networking).

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Open source education culture at Penn Manor

wowPenn Manor is a short film sponsored by Red Hat as part of the Open Source Stories series. The film tells the story of Penn Manor, a secondary school in the United States in which IT director Charlie Reisinger introduced open source software and culture as part of a 1:1 laptop program. Open source was integral to the program because Reisinger wanted students to become “engineers, inventors, and architects and not technology tourists”.

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