I am a freelance web developer and vocational education teacher delivering units in Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma level courses in Information Technology (Networking) at SuniTAFE in Mildura, Australia.

I built my first static HTML website in the early 1990s as a student at the University of Melbourne. Since then I’ve installed, configured, tried, tested, used and fixed most things related to general system administration and open source web development on Linux.

I’ve held full-time positions managing corporate websites and the server infrastructure they were hosted on. I’ve also worked as a freelance web developer and Linux consultant, and as an information technology educator and trainer. I’ve been a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and have built and managed Linux web, database, mail and DNS servers, reverse proxies, web caches and failover clusters. Expressed as a tag cloud, my core technical expertise looks something like this:

#RedHat #CentOS #Ansible #VMWare #Bash #PHP #Javascript #MySQL #MariaDB #PostgreSQL #Apache #Nginx

I value tools, systems and platforms with these qualities:

  • simplicity
  • practicality
  • maintainability
  • ubiquity
  • productivity

I am currently re-engaging with the Microsoft Windows server ecosystem, exploring the new features of the Windows Server 2016 platform, Powershell and the Azure cloud.

I am a qualified primary and secondary school teacher and hold a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. I have approximately 15 years experience teaching students ranging from Year 1 to adult, mostly in the areas of English as a Second Language and Information Technology, in Melbourne, Alice Springs and Mildura (Australia).

A native speaker of Australian English, I have been a second language learner since the late 1970s and in that time have acquired varying levels of proficiency in Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Luritja, Pali and most recently Thai.